Chrono Cards

Chrono Cards
Project Description

Two games, one deck of cards- Chrono Scouts and Fact Fuse teach historical thinking skills to middle school students.

You can order or print a copy here.


Executive Producer: Tracy Fullerton
Design: Sean Bouchard
Design: Elizabeth Swensen
Design: Andy Goldstein
Design, Graphic Design: Simon Wiscombe
Art, Graphic Design: Lucas Peterson
Art: Andi Santagata
Art: Martzi Campos


Chrono Cards is a set of two games (Chrono Scouts and Fact Fuse), back-to-back, on a shared deck of cards with accompanying digital mediation elements. The first edition of Chrono Cards covers the causes of WWI and was funded by Microsoft Research in 2013 as an accompanying activity to their ChronoZoom digital tool. A second version, covering the American Revolution, was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities in December 2015.