Mission: Admission

Project Description

Mission: Admission is an asynchronous game designed to help underserved high school students understand the strategies and skills needed to apply to college. Players level up a new student character every week, planning for scholarship and college application deadlines that occur in real time.


Creative Director: Tracy Fullerton

Design, Production Lead: Elizabeth Swensen

Design, Technical Lead: Sean Bouchard

UI Design: Ala’ Diab

Programming: JongHwa Kim

Network Programming: Alex Villagomez

Programming: David Turpin

Art and Animation: Kelly Matten

Art: Michael Gizienski

UI Programming: Andrea Benavides

Project Manager: Jesse Vigil

Music: Brent Hengeveld

Sound Design: Jesse Rosenman


Mission: Admission began as an adaptation of the card game Application Crunch for Facebook. After initial pilot testing in collaboration with the USC Rossier School of Education, it received additional funding for development on new platforms. The latest version of Mission: Admission for iPad and web is currently being studied in 50 schools in California as a part of a Department of Education First in the World Grant awarded to the project for $3.2 million. It is part of the FutureBound Games suite.