On the Safe Side

On the Safe Side
Project Description

On the Safe Side is a short interactive training about understanding how to make safe decisions while in a large American city. It was designed as a module for incoming USC students.

Creative Director: Tracy Fullerton
Project Managers: Elizabeth Swensen, Sean Bouchard
Programming: Thomas Lu, Brian Pickens, Elliott Mahler, Junrui Ruan
Art: Lucas Peterson, Bethany Martin, Christina Orcutt
Writing: Lishan Zimare
Interns: Jovonte Slater, Aya Almasi

On the Safe Side was a funded internally as a directive of the USC Office of the Provost. It serves as situational awareness and safety scenario training for incoming students to the University. The project approaches its objectives through a combination of active, arcade style navigational play and interactive narrative. The Beta was released to students in July of 2015.